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Recipe for Sanity in Insane Times

October 18, 2008
Get out in Nature and slow down!

Get out in Nature and slow down!

 Let’s face it, the world is pretty crazy right now. I have been doing damage control in my massage practice non-stop. People arrive in my room, eyes rolling about in their heads, gripping the chair with white knuckled fingers, and fear rolling off of them. It is hard to keep one’s sanity with all this fear and panic spreading like a bad cold. Emotions are very influential not only on our state of mind but on our health. The body’s healing systems respond happily to positive thoughts, mood and emotions. I have a recipe for cooking up some sanity in your life. It starts first with taking an ingredient out…. 
  1. Go on a “media diet.” The first common ingredient that I find among those in panic is they are too wrapped up in the media. We all understand that bad news sells. It is sad but true, so consequently the media takes a bad thing and makes it worse to get people hooked. When things are really bad, the media is in a full out feeding frenzy. Bloody and gorging, they share the feast with the public. So, take control and turn it off. Believe me, you will hear about anything that happens. Stay informed through less sensational medias, such as the newspaper, NPR and the internet. Then add a liberal amount of…..
  2. Act locally, think globally. Get out and do something helpful in your community. There is nothing like the feeling that you are powerless and overwhelmed, and that is exactly what we are on the global scale of things. Bring your sphere of influence in to where you feel like you make a positive difference. Volunteer for your favorite organization in the area or help those less fortunate than yourself. There is nothing like seeing a direct influence you can make in your community. A very important part of the recipe is to….
  3. Step outside, breathe, and enjoy our gorgeous area. When everything is getting scrunched up in your life, take a moment and go outside and take a walk. Breathe deeply the clean, oxygen rich air that we are so lucky to have. Have you been on a walk in a while? If not, it’s time. Getting out in nature is such a great way to bring one back into present time and out of the mind-set of worry. Next, stir in a generous amount of…
  4. Thankfulness. We are so very, very lucky to live in such a beautiful place that isn’t war torn and poverty stricken. Take 5 minutes a day to be thankful for all the family, friends and truly important things in one’s life. Invite over someone special and share laughter and food with them. Smile at everyone you see and pass on the feelings of gratitude. Stir well and sprinkle with lots of …
  5. Humor and play. Voltaire recognized many moons ago that laughter and humor are good for you, and so should you. One study done, found that the body relaxed and the immune system amped up after subjects watched funny cartoons. They had the same subjects watch beautiful scenery and it didn’t do the same. Do your own experiment and notice how you feel after a good belly laugh. Fun is good for you! Last but not least top with…
  6. Exercise and a healthy diet. Ahhhh, you knew I’d get around to this one huh? You wouldn’t believe all the crazy happy things that go on in your body when you exercise regularly and eat right. As much as our emotions influence our body, so does our body influence our emotions and moods. Join a yoga class, or the NCRD gym, and of course get a massage. Oh, and read my column on good eating! (couldn’t help myself.) Enjoy your life and your wonderful community!
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