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The monsters in the cupboard

October 30, 2014
Hi, I'm a GMOed pumpkin. I'm your freind......

Hi, I’m a GMOed pumpkin. I’m your freind……

For Halloween I’m going to tell you a very spooky story. Once upon a time there was a green green valley filled with happy farmers and lots of happy clean animals and produce. Everything was very healthy and thriving, even the bugs and weeds.

One very bright farmer, that was kinda lazy, had an interesting idea one day, “What if I can find a way to kill those weeds and bugs that eat my crops without breaking my back all day?” So he got busy and invented pesticides and herbicides. It was all innocent enough, really it was, he was just trying to get more time in the hammock with his ice tea.

The pesticides and herbicides worked great! (Except it killed lots of good bugs and plants too) Some of the other farmers were pretty excited about this new development, especially when they got more time to play video games and eat cookies. But there was a wise ole woman, with one eye that wandered off and bees in her hair that lived in the greenest part of the valley, that wasn’t having it. No sir, her wandering eye could see into the future and she saw nothing but bad things coming from this.

She stomped her feet and told the future, but no one was listening except some of the younger farmers who had a feeling this was bad too. The farmer that invented the killer sprays, being smart and stupid at the same time, came up with another idea. What if he dissected the DNA of the produce, animals and the killer sprays and mixed them together so that the sprays wouldn’t destroy the plants that you wanted to grow, only the weeds and bugs?


Oh this new invention made the ole woman’s eye spin round in her head like a top and the bees droned angrily! She ranted and raved and told the future again about how these plants were really disguised monsters that would bring ruin to green valley. They would bring birth defects, cancer, autism, organ failure, inflammation, digestive and skin issues, food allergies, immune disorders and many more diseases to humans and the flora and fauna that she could not see but knew. But they weren’t listening, they were busy spraying these crazy new plants and marveling over how they didn’t die.

There was a young farmer that was listening however. He was very smart too, and he started doing testing on the effects of these “frankenfoods” as they were called in green valley. He found out that the ole woman was right! This farmer went to the green valley government FDA to tell them, but he was shocked to find that it was now run by the same farmer that invented all this.

He decided to try to tell everyone he could about the monsters that were disguised as real foods; some folks listened and joined him in raising produce and animals without the modifications and poisonous sprays. The others scoffed at them and told him they just didn’t understand, without these great new plants and sprays, they were all going to be out of jobs and starve…….at least that is what the government told them.

This went on for a while till something bad begin to happen, all the bees started to die. Between all the sprays and the toxic genes that were spliced into the plants that came out in the pollen, the bees just couldn’t live. The flowers weren’t being pollenated and the crops stopped producing. People started dying of malnutrition and strange diseases and everyone wondered why. And if that wasn’t enough, the children were being born with green skin and too many eyes.

The ole woman, her bees and the band of thoughtful farmers, told them why, and yelled, shouted and shook signs that the frankenfoods were monsters and needed to be labeled so. But the rest of the now dying green valley was perplexed, they couldn’t think straight anymore since the monsters were taking over their bodies and turning them into zombies. They hazily thought, “There was no reason to label the frankenfoods at the store, because 80% are already frankenfoods and why do we need to know anyway? They are good for us…right? (rib-bit)”

And so our scary story comes to a fork in the road and only you can determine which way it is going to end. Are the frankenfood monsters going to turn everyone into zombies? Or are the thoughtful farmers and consumers going to stand up against the monsters and demand that they get exiled from the green valley? (or at least have them labeled)

To the exile these monsters vote yes on labeling these frankenfoods but the most important thing is to vote with your dollar and only buy organic when every possible. If a product has GMOs in it, they cannot label it organic because most GMOs have a pesticide or herbicide spliced into their genes. (A little interesting tid-bit that most people don’t know)

It only takes 5% of the consumer’s dollars to tip the scale towards more corporations labeling GMOs on their own. They are ruled by the dollar no matter what their scruples are. So, the future is in your hands. Remember, food is medicine or poison, just depending on what you choose to put in your mouth.

Don't let the beasts eat you, Vote yes to label GMOs

Don’t let the beasts eat you, Vote yes to label GMOs

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